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Happy together with citizens 5678 seoul metropolitan rapid transit.

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Nice View Point with 5678 SMRT “Station with a nice view”We introduce you the regions within 600m from a subway station with nice view points selected by Seoul metropolitan government.
Line5 Omokgyo Station : Yeonghakjeong Line5 Yeouinaru Station : Riverside of Hangang, Yeouido Park Line5 Yeouido Station : Yeouido Park Line5 Singeumho Station : Geumhosan Line5 Olympic Park Station : Olympic Park Line5 Gaerong Station : Seongnaecheon Line6 Jeungsan Station : Bulgwangcheon Haedamneun Dari Line6 Bonghwasan Station : Bonghwasan Line6 World Cup Stadium Station : Maebongsan-Seongsan Greens Sky Park Line7 Junggok Station : Acahsan Ridge Line7 Yongmasan Station : Yongmasan Line7 Cheonwang Station : Gaeungsan Line8 Jamsil Station : Seokchon Lake, Magic Island
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